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Talking to your patients

You strive to limit the impact of HAE on your patients. But how forthcoming are your patients on all the ways HAE affects them? Many people may not even realise just how pervasive the negative impact of HAE can become.


To help assess the full impact of their HAE, consider asking your patients:

  • How often do you worry about or plan around the unpredictability of a future attack?
  • Have you limited your travel due to fear of an attack?
  • Have you avoided social plans and other activities?
  • Have you missed opportunities for educational or professional development?

When talking to adolescents and young people, consider also asking them:

  • Have you avoided school/college activities due to fear of an attack?
  • Have you avoided friendships and relationships due to fear of having to tell people about your HAE?
  • How often do you worry about managing to study and do exams with your HAE?
Job code: C-ANPROM/UK//2469 Date of preparation: August 2021